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Advantages of One Number Chemical Water Treatment

Update: 24-09-2015 09:09:29 + GMT7

We would like to introduce some water treatment chemicals currently used, a chemical one has its own effects and may be harmful if used overdose, so the following article for reference purposes only.

1. Chlorine Water Treatment Chemicals county 70%

Origin: India, China, Japan. Specification: 45kg / KITS

Application: Killing bacteria water, viruses, sterilization settling ponds, treatment ponds before stocking. Applications cleansing, disinfection in the factory

2. Water Treatment Chemicals Proxitane 15:23 (Compound P3: Paracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acetic Acid)

Origin: Thailand Specification: 30kg / intervention

Application: water treatment chemicals. Used in industrial bleaching. Kill the bacteria in water, viruses, fungi, algae, primitive organisms harmful to shrimp. Oxidation of organic matter, creating a clean water environment.

3. Water Treatment Chemicals Sodium Bicarbonate (Small Counties)

Made in USA, India, China. Specification: 25kg / bag

Uses: water pH stability, increased alkaline water shrimp.

4. Water Treatment Chemicals Polymer Anion

Origin: English, Japanese, Chinese. Specification: 25kg / bag, separate Japanese origin: 10kg / bag

Application: water treatment chemicals. Sediment deposition, flocculation suspended matter in water to settle to the bottom of the pond water is cleansed.

5. Water treatment chemicals sodium hydroxide NaOH

Origin: China, Taiwan, Thailand. Specification: 25kg / bag

Application: Waste water treatment chemicals, water levels to raise pH, sorbent increases the efficiency of the water treatment process.

Above are some common water treatment chemicals common, there are also some other substances like CuSO4, alum, Chloramin B, charcoal etc ...

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