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Chlorine Phase Care Guide

Update: 23-09-2015 16:09:57 + GMT7

1. FORMULA chlorinated:

Volume Phase Chlorine need (mg) = volume of water (L) * Chlorine concentration must phase (ppm) * 100 / reactive chlorine


Principle: From pure chlorine powder with activity 70%, mix the chlorine standard solution with a concentration of 5,000 ppm.

How Phase Follows:

Volume should blow (plastic container): 40 liter

The amount of pure chlorine to cancer (70% activity): 40 * 5,000 * 100/70 = 285. 714 mg = 285.7 g

So I give 285.7 g chlorine powder into the container of 40 liters of water and stir until dissolved so all we are prepared chlorine solution 5000 ppm concentration

 3. HOW TO USE chlorine solution:

Use a plastic beaker bar available quantitative level, measuring the amount of chlorine solution

Standards can blow water tank built to challenge. Follow the instructions below:

A (dilution factor) = N1 (dd Chlornie concentration should phase) / No (concentration standards Chlornie dd)

So: The volume of standard chlorine to challenge dd = V (the volume of water to mix) * A (the dilution factor).

Example: For 100 liter tank mix chlorine concentration of 200 ppm, we need to challenge how many liters dd Chlorine standard (5000 ppm)?

By mixing the following:

Volume should blow (plastic container): 100 liters

Get standard 4 liter chlorine poured into plastic barrels of 100 liters of clean water and stir.

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