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Bioproducts processing aquaculture pond Microcat

Bioproducts processing aquaculture pond Microcat

MICROCAT -AL material Microbiology (USA) specialized for black tiger shrimp and

* Ingredients: Contains beneficial microorganisms with a high content

* Specification: Item whole box (25lbs / 11.35kg)

* Characteristics: White powder repentance (hooked directly, without aeration before use)

* Usage: Sx products processed shrimp ponds CPSH

- Biodegradation totally organic wastes accumulate in the pond bottom during feeding and after harvest, to prevent polluting the environment surrounding waters.

- Reduction of toxic gas (NH3-N, H2S), reduce sludge, mud bottom renovation.

- To control the growth of pathogenic bacteria, improve water quality.

-Increase Survival and resistance in shrimp.

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