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BICAR® Z (Sodium Bicarbonate Solvay)

BICAR® Z (Sodium Bicarbonate Solvay)

Chemical Name: Sodium Bicarbonate, BICAR® Z; Baking Soda; Acid Sodium Carbonate; Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate; Carbonic acid monosodium Salt; Hydrogen Carbonate monosodium; Monosodium carbonate; Meylon; Bicarbonate of Soda.

CAS Number BICAR® Z: 144-55-8

BICAR® chemical composition Z: NaHCO3 99% min

Z BICAR® chemical forms: powder, white

Specification BICAR® Z: 25 kg / bag

Z BICAR® chemical origin: Solvay Italy

BICAR® chemicals Uses Z: is used as a component of animal feed, livestock and poultry to replenish electrolytes. Sodium Bicarbonate plays an important role in many different industries, in manufacturing effervescent salts and beverages. Additionally, Sodium Bicarbonate is also applied in wastewater treatment, in health care applications and beauty. Increased alkaline substances seafood shrimp ponds.

BICAR® Z (Sodium Bicarbonate Solvay)

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