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France Powder Sorbitol (Sorbitol Powder)

France Powder Sorbitol (Sorbitol Powder)

Chemical Name: Sorbiol powder, Sorbitol Powder, D-Glucitol; d-sorbite; hexahydric alcohol; Sorbite; Clucitol.

CAS number: 50-70-4

Composition sorbitol powder: C6H14O6

Appearance: White powder sorbitol powder (Type P20 / 60)

Sorbitol powder Specifications: 25 kg / bag sorbitol powder form

Made sorbitol powder: Roquette (France)

Chemical Effects: sorbitol powder that you use, improve the structure of aquatic products processing, in addition to applying make pig iron supplements for the aquaculture industry, etc ...

France Powder Sorbitol (Sorbitol Powder)

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