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EDTA 4 Salt Masquol

EDTA 4 Salt Masquol

Chemical Name: 4 Salt EDTA, ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid

Ingredients 4 Salt chemical EDTA: ethylene diamine tetraacetate Tetrasodium. Products with strict quality criteria as published by manufacturers of quality when accompanied by COA (Certification Of Analysis).

Form 4 Salt chemical EDTA: type of white

EDTA salts Specification 4: 25 kg / bag

Made 4 Salt chemical EDTA: France

4 Uses EDTA salts chemicals: Used to isolate the metal ions, making the ions did not effect with other compounds. also used for cases of lead poisoning, mercury in humans; isolate calcium and magnesium in hard water, avoid them in conjunction with components in washing powder form insoluble residue clings to clothes ... In addition, EDTA is also used in agricultural fertilizers (for create chelating (complex) prevent precipitation of heavy metals in water).

EDTA 4 Salt Masquol

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